Lighting: Ambiance, Moods, Experience, and Product Display

Retail Lighting

Retail design expert, Bryan Stirle, uses Bloomingdale's to explain the effects of lighting types on customer moods, customer experiences with your products and retail space, product display under different color indexes, and negotiations with ceiling types for small-medium sized businesses.

Items Worth the Splurge: Counters & Wall Fixtures

Retail Design Walls and Counters


Retail design expert, Bryan Stirle, explains why retail counters and the proper use of wall fixtures are fundamental to creating relationships with your customers based on store-recognition and visual story-telling. Shopping counters create presence, a space to nurture conversation, and exposure to your store name-brand and logo, ultimately encouraging the formation of a relationship between your store and your customer. When handled correctly, wall fixtures create an interactive experience between your customer and your products. Even wildly popular wall fixtures, such as slatwall, can be smartly used to tell a visual story that gives your products meaning and makes shopping in your store a memorable experience for your customer.

Part of Creative Store Solutions upcoming eBook! From our chapter: "Items Worth the Splurge."

5 Low-Cost Retail Design Ideas for Small Retail Spaces

5 Low Cost Retail Design Ideas for Small Retail Spaces
1. Wall System. Select the correct wall system for your budget and the correct amount being used. One way to do that on a budget is to use slatwall panels on your walls. Our staff sell hundreds of slatwall panels each year and views this wall display system as one of the biggest bang for buck wall displays available. The only problem with slatwall is that it can be to so inexpensive that it is over used in the retailers store. When our design team helps a retailer create a slatwall layout we suggest installing the slatwall in sections as apposed to running the entire length of the walls. This gives the store some breathing room between product lines and gives the customer a chance to understand the overall layout of the merchandise.  This also controls the number of slatwall sheets that needs to be purchased. 


2. Grooves. Make your wall system looks a touch above the competition by upgrading your slatwall grooves. Now that you have reduced the number of slatwall panels your store requires let make them look better. One way to do that is to add a silver metal groove insert into the structure of the slatwall and increase the spacing of the grooves from the standard 3" on center to 4 or 6 inches. By going to 6" on center groove spacing you save almost 50% of the cost of the typical metal groove cost. 
3. Floor Fixtures. Don't settle for the same old floor fixtures.  When our staff helps a retailer on a budget we typically suggest using traditional floor fixture designs which include tables, slatwall gondolas and slatwall towers.  These display designs are considered to be standard throughout the industry but are only available in a couple of finishes. Creative Store Solutions has changed that by offering upgraded finish options for the stock designs. So now if you want a red or purple value line table or slatwall fixture because the color matches the theme of your store we can make it.  Yes it costs a bit more but we feel the cost is worth it because it gives the retailer the individuality they were looking for but didn't t think they coupled afford it. 
4. The Rack. Chrome racks may not be the answer just because they are cheap. When shopping for clothing racks don't just buy the cheapest chrome square tubing rack you can find. Once again it is about individuality so select a rack the fits your theme. Maybe a Raw Steel finished rack where you see the weld marks and imperfections in the metal will look better in your new sports themed store. And guess what the cost difference is less then 15%. 
5. Store Graphics. Are the graphics images on your walls telling the whole story. Once a new retailer gets there store set up the last thing they want to think about is hanging signs and banners on there walls. And even if they have thought about it once they see what the image and printing costs are they tend not to follow through with the purchase.  One way to get the best images possible for free is to go directly to the source by calling your vendors. Maybe you sell Nike shoes or New Era hats. Well guess what these companies pay athletes to takes photos. Try contacting your sales rep and see it they have an image library you can pull from. By doing this you will at least save the cost of the image and even possible the cost of the printing depending on the volume you purchase from the various venders. 

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