Textured Slatwall - The New Look!

The demand for exciting ways to display products is ever evolving.  The most common and universal way to merchandise is off of a slatwall medium, but it leaves little to the imagination.  Traditional LPL slat wall panels tend to turn into a bland wallpaper background, contributing nothing to the store environment.  Textured slat wall changes all of that.  The rich sophisticated look of Textured Slatwall - Designer Slatwall transforms your dull drab wall into something special. Slatwall has been around since the 80's and almost every mass retailer, small retailer, or mid size is using the same boring product. White 3" on center 4' long x 8' wide times about a billion sheets adorning the walls of every other store open today.

Well not anymore Slatwall Panels can be much more than just something to hang a hook on. Brick, Asphalt, or Textured metal panels that just so happen to accept slatwall accessories are taking the best feature of slatwall, and tossing out the rest. This revolutionary 3 dimensional slatwall has aluminum inserts for added strength but you wont see them, they are painted to match the rest of the panel. Your Slatwall Panel is now anything but boring. You can have the old world look of a brick wall, grout lines and all, it even feels like brick!

Slatwall Panels that look like a million dollars will make the perceived value of whatever you display on them look like a million dollars too. Remember if its displayed right its half sold

How to Tie the Five Senses to Promotions and Increase Sales

Retail design expert, Bryan Stirle, shares ideas on how to engage customers' five senses to increase sales. Tips include considering the qualities of your product (like the smell of a perfume or the color of a shirt) when designing a promotion. This podcast concludes with an analysis of the ways in which Big Box retailers tie senses to promotions and how small-to-mid sized businesses can adapt them for use.

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How Floors Affect Product Sales

Retail Design Floor

Retail design expert, Bryan Stirle, explains the relationship between floors and products. In sum:

1. Customer interactions with your products should be considered when choosing your flooring materials. For example, customers buying slippers may want an area with soft carpet, sport shoe customers may enjoy trying them on a section with astroturf, etc.

2. The flooring look-and-feel should match the look-and-feel of your products. Imagine an Apple store covered in fluffy, pink 70s carpet.

3. Your floor materials should consider the frequency of possible spills, such as in a grocery store or perfume shop, and the wetness of the weather.

Flooring can comprise a large segment of your retail design budget. Speak to one of our retail design representatives to discuss your floors, your products, and how best to apply your budget. Chat with us at www.creativestoresolutions.com.

How to Maximize Space Using Color

Retail Design How to Use Color to Maximize Space


From Big Box Retailers to Independent Businesses: How to Maximize Space Using Color

Commercial design expert, Bryan Stirle, analyses retail design strategies used by Big Box retailers and adapts their principles for use in independent businesses. In this podcast, Bryan takes apart how space constraints, such as a low or high ceiling, can be paired with colors to change a customer's perspective of the size, vastness, and openness of your space.

From Big Box Retail Design to Independent Stores

What is a Big Box store? What are "Big Box" commercial design strategies? In our new podcast series, "From Big Box to Independent Business", Bryan Stirle analyses the commercial design strategies used by Big Box retailers and adjusts them for use in small to medium sized businesses and commercial spaces.

Lighting the Path

Retail Design Blog

Retail Design | Lighting the PathInfographic

Floor Coverings: Budget, Space, and Design


Listen to retail design expert Bryan Stirle explain the basic function of retail floor coverings in retail design, branding, and concept, as part of Creative Store Solutions retail design pod series.

Items Worth the Splurge: Counters & Wall Fixtures

Retail Design Walls and Counters


Retail design expert, Bryan Stirle, explains why retail counters and the proper use of wall fixtures are fundamental to creating relationships with your customers based on store-recognition and visual story-telling. Shopping counters create presence, a space to nurture conversation, and exposure to your store name-brand and logo, ultimately encouraging the formation of a relationship between your store and your customer. When handled correctly, wall fixtures create an interactive experience between your customer and your products. Even wildly popular wall fixtures, such as slatwall, can be smartly used to tell a visual story that gives your products meaning and makes shopping in your store a memorable experience for your customer.

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